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CNC machine is the computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tool providing powerful, fast and precision workpiece cuts with indexable tools or drills.  Taian HAISHU Machinery Co., Ltd (HAISHU Machinery) is the professional CNC machine manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying one stop CNC machine solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2001.  We have over 60 professional CNC machine experts and 12,000 square meters manufacturing factory for the production of more than 16 series 80 kinds CNC machines. Our main innovative, high quality products and solutions include CNC Lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machining center, CNC turn mill machine, CNC tool grinding machine, CNC pipe threading lathe, wood turning lathe, etc. Product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to all our partners. HAISHU Machinery had been always worked hard to become the leader in providing customized CNC machine solution to meet your demands for over 16 years. Hope to be your partner.

One Stop Solution

for All Your CNC Machine Requirements

HAISHU Machinery had been designing, manufacturing and exporting CNC machine solutions for over 17 years

CNC lathe

CNC lathe is the most widely used machine tool for metal cutting, turning or drilling with rotating action. HAISHU Machinery offers many models, specifications and configurations of CNC lathes with flat bed or inclined bed to satisfy your demands. Our CNC lathe features good quality, high precision, large processing range and suitability for various options. Custom design and fabrication is available. See more on our CNC lathe…

CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machine is widely used for the shaping of metal and other solid workpiece which is fixed for the completion of milling, drilling, boring.  HAISHU brand CNC milling machine has the features of powerful cutting, high precision, high speed, electrical mechanical positioning and security protection. It can be single used or for multiple operations in the production line. More informational available…

CNC Machining Center

CNC machining center is the kind of powerful milling machine with automatic tool changer (ATC) . HAISHU brand CNC machining centers are designed to provide the flexibility you need for a wide range of applications with 17 yeas experience. Our CNC machining center features advanced CNC control system, high precision and high speed spindle and flexible operation. Get more information about our CNC machining center…

CNC Turn Mill Machine

CNC turn mill machine, also called CNC turning milling machine, is capable of both rotating-workpiece operations (turning) and rotating-tool operations such milling and cross-drilling.  HAISHU  Brand CNC turn mill machines combining a lathe’s chucks and spindles with the travels and milling power of a machining center are multi-tasking, multi-function CNC machines used for producing complex workpieces in one operation.  More information available…

CNC tool grinding machine

CNC tool grinding machine is the powerful multi-axises CNC machine tool to grind the widest range of tools or cutters from a simple 5mm endmill to a 450mm long drill or a 400mm diameter face cutter.  The rigid machine design, strict manufacturing process quality control, high precision spindle, powerful CNC system and ensure any grinding operations completed with ease.  Get more information about our CNC tool grinder…

CNC pipe threading lathe

CNC pipe threading lathe is mainly designed not only for  threading of pipe work in petroleum industry, But also for the turning of pipe threads of various kinds like cylindrical and conical threads and end-face threads as well. HAISHU brand CNC pipe threading lathe is also capable of performing the tightest threading functions on big pipes with independent spindle, servo drives, excellent precision and variable speed. More information available…

CNC Wood Lathe

CNC Wood lathe is applied to process the complex shape of the wood rotary products or semi-finished wood products, such as staircase  spindles, posts, columns and even baseball bats etc. The CNC Woodworking lathe can easily runs on single phase power so it can even run in small workshops or a garage. It is also suitable for the mass production of small or medium-scale wood enterprises. See more on our CNC wood lathes…

Stone CNC Machine

Stone CNC Machine is the multifunctional CNC machine which is designed for turning, milling, drilling or grinding small to medium thickness stone slabs and block into final products. Our high quality CNC stone machine features high efficiency, compact structure, touch screen, easy to operation which is widely used in art work, decoration and other stone processing industries. More information about Stone CNC Machines…

CNC Root Canal File Grinder

CNC Root Canal File Grinder designed and fabricated by HAISHU Machinery is an automatic CNC machine with four axises to can grind threads on parts such as endo files including R file, H file and K file for the dental industry. The CNC root canal file grinding machine is equipped with self developed control system and adjusted grinding wheel which features high precision, fast speed, easy to operate. More information available…

Why Choose HAISHU Machinery

professional cnc machine manufacturer

The professional and innovative CNC machine designer, manufacturer and exporter since 2001.

over 17 years cnc machine designing and customization experience

Professional design team. One stop solution to satisfy all your custom CNC machine requirements.

one stop cnc machine solution

Over 17 years of experience. High quality products and competitive price is our key point to win the market.

super quality cnc machines

Superior Quality – Top quality material, strict manufacturing process and strict quality assurance.

win with our cnc lathe partners

Win with our partners. Our innovative products and successful cases spread over 40 countries.

Our Successful CNC Machine Customers

HAISHU Machinery had been specializing in delivering turn key CNC machine and wheel CNC lathe solutions to worldwide customers. We have strong ability in custom CNC machine designing and manufacturing. In recent years, we have been keeping on investing in technological innovation, integrated CNC lathe design and modular customization and control system development. The safe and efficient operation of most kinds of CNC machine scan be satisfied with our customized solutions by our professional staffs and solid technologies.

We had provided effective CNC machines and solutions to over 40 countries. Our customers are from Germany, Russia, Spain, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Poland, Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, HK, Taiwan and so on. The following are some of them.

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